About Us

SS Tax and accounting specialist provide versatile tax and accounting services across the board, nationally and internationally.
SS Tax and Accounting Specialist Services has over ten years’ experience in a wide range of financial services.
We are a HMRC registered agent and can address any query relating to tax on the behalf of the client and the HMRC.
We are here to help, dedicated to ensuring our clients have a smooth and hassle free experience, helping you ease your burden by taking care of your tax obligations.
We offer unlimited support to our clients and our clients are happy with our service, that’s why they trust us every year with their financial affairs.
We aim to build long-term relations with our clients offering competitive prices and flat fee rates and we will beat any genuine quote.
We also offer payment plans at no extra cost so you can be at ease completely.
Contact us today to take advantage of our free no obligation 30 minute consultation and we can guide you according to your personal circumstances.
Go on, get in touch to see how we can help save you money.

What Makes Us Different

SS Tax & Accounting Services is different from other accounting firms in many ways.
We are your local accounting firm providing you with tailored solutions relevant to meet your business or personal needs. We serve clients not only all over the UK, we also serve UK nationals living and working in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with UK source income to keep them compliant with the HMRC.